Artist & Artisan FAQs

~I don’t have a Studio – or – I don’t have a Studio that’s safe for visitors to get to/visit, can I still participate in this great event?

YES! You can be a “Visiting Artist” at a friend’s Studio (as long as you’re both Registered for the Tour) or even get together with a group of artists and find/rent a temporary place for the weekend to display your work and do demos! (Something to think about for all of those empty shop spaces in Kukui Grove and Coconut Marketplace, for instance… Just be sure you don’t simply set it up like a gallery: you should have some of your working materials on hand for visitors to see, even if you aren’t doing demos.)


~Why should I participate in the Kauai Art Tour – Artists’ Open Studio event? (it seems expensive?)

People tend to buy more art when they meet the artist face to face. Open Studios provide a unique opportunity for you to not only meet and talk story with your potential clients, but to do so in a comfortable and familiar environment: your studio.

Not only that, but you will get great exposure in our Guidebook, on the website, and in radio, TV, and print media around Hawaii! And, you will even have a piece of your work exhibited for the entire month of April at the Kauai Society of Artists Gallery at Kukui Grove. All for less than the cost of 1 weekend at an Art Fair!!


~Do I have to pay a commission on any sales I make from the Tour?

Nope! You only pay the Registration fee. If you choose to do so, you can purchase additional Advertising or a Cover Spot in the Guidebook, but those are optional extras. All money from any sales you make is 100% yours to keep!


~I Registered for the Tour and have an artist friend who wants to bring their stuff to my studio to show and sell, but they’re not Registered – are they allowed?

No. If you are Registered for the Tour, only other Registered artists/artisans can show/sell at your location – otherwise you and your un-registered friend will face being restricted from participating in future.


~What if I’d like additional exposure beyond my listing in the Guidebook and on the website? Do you have any specials for participating artists?

Yes! All registered Tour artists can purchase any size ad at a discount!

Also, for premium exposure, you can purchase one of the limited Cover Spots featuring a mosaic of the work of a maximum of 20 of Kauai’s talented artists (and their names) on the cover of the Kauai Art Tour Guidebook! (minimum size of images will be 1.75″ square, and will be scaled up in size based on how many artists purchase Cover Spots)


~I’d like to demonstrate my techniques and/or tools to visitors – is that encouraged?

YES! Part of the purpose of the Kauai Art Tour is to promote community interaction and learning about the arts and their creative neighbors! Demos or just explanations of what certain art equipment or implements are for goes a long way in helping people remember you and your work…


~If the Preview Exhibit is at the Kauai Society of Artists Gallery, do I have to show-sit like they require for their other shows? (I don’t have time, transportation, etc.)

We are happy to say that you DO NOT have to show sit for the Preview Exhibit if you can’t/don’t want to… In fact, the Kauai Art Tour is going to PAY YOU to show-sit if you decide to sign up to do so! (How great is that?!)


~So how much will we get paid to show-sit?

KSA charges $10 per hour, so that’s what Kauai Art Tour will pay all show-sitters for their 3 hour slots: $30.


~Don’t I have to be a member of the Kauai Society of Artists to exhibit there?

Yes, you do – but signing up is a snap, and it’s only $25 for the entire year! Plus, if you choose to show-sit only one time – for just 3 hours – you will have made your membership fee back, plus an extra $5 😉


~Does the Kauai Society of Artists take any commission if my piece in the Preview Exhibit sells?

Yes, there is a 30% commission on any sales made out of the KSA Gallery – they will handle all sales and pay you after the show comes down.

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